Monday, 21 April 2008

Latest Scroll

This is my latest scroll based on a 12th century Passionale in the British library. I am really pleased with how its turned out. The paint is flat rather than lumpy (and believe me when it started it some of it had me worried), and the gold is 100%.

It will be delivered next week and I now have to figure out a way to transport it safely as it is only slightly smaller than A3 size!

Monday, 7 April 2008


Not a scroll, but a giftbox I painted for Lord Matthew Baker as a thank you for the Rope bed he made for us for which he still has not demanded remuneration. It is painted in Acrylics as Oils took too long to dry. The interior has been varnished too. The main picture is a hunting scene based on a woodcut from the 1480s.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

New Box


I am the proud buyer of a wooden Easel box off of ebay! My lurid red plastic one gave up the ghost a while ago and cannot be moved without falling apart. I was given a lovely one at Christmas which stores my paints. But I was specifically looking for one whose lid turns into a slanted Drawing Board as well as carrying paints, brushes and pallets - it means that when I have to travel and intend to paint, just one container will carry everything and I don't have to worry about carting along my A3 size board.

What made the deal (£12.39 incl p&p) more appetising was that the ebay box comes with paints (acrylic and watercolour), several brushes and a couple of canvases!!! Sweet! Can't wait to receive it now. It will be excellent for Sweden!