Monday, 5 January 2009

New Scroll

I can finally post this, now that the recipient has received it.

This was the toughest challenge I have set myself so far. I used a different method and I have to say that it worked better for me than I had hoped. Following the example from a 15th century German illustrator's handbook, every little element that I started, I finished completely before moving onto the next element, building gradually. It went smoothly and ever so encouragingly.

I know that I still have alot to work on and so much more still to learn, but I am satisfied with what I have achieved so far.

Lady Trinite, the Kingdom Clerk Signet, and Baroness Ursula were instrumental in the scroll being entered for the Kingdom A&S Competition at the recent 12th night Coronation that I was unable to attend. To my amazement the scroll won!!! I am so surprised by this as I know how many wonderful scribes there are in the Kingdom!!

Still, here is a scanned image of the scroll.

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